Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare - Rest comfortably and Confidently
Thanks for visiting! Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - Rest comfortably and feel confident as I will be monitoring for post-operative complications, maintaining your medication schedule and providing all services to support you throughout your recovery.
The registered nurse can  assess post-op bleeding, manage and teach patients about drain care, assess vital signs, and administer pain and other post-op medications. The registered nurse gives you the same type of nursing care you receive in the hospital, except that with in-home care, you are the only patient.

I specialize in the aftercare of plastic surgery clients providing care in the home, hotel room or hospital.  Including but not limited to:
  • Specialized care for the post operative patient such as drain care, catheter care, wound care and dressing changes
  • Monitoring post-operative complications
  • Assistance with self-administered medicine
  • Some of the surgical procedures that I provide aftercare for are (and not limited to):
  • Tummy tuck recovery
    Facelift recovery
    Eyelid surgery recovery
    Breast reduction recovery
    Chin implant recovery
    Butt implant recovery
    Ear surgery recovery
    Forehead lift recovery
    Breast lift recovery
    Breast augmentation recovery
    Liposuction recovery
    Nose reshaping recovery
    Arm lift recovery
    Body contouring recovery
    Facial implants recovery
    Labioplasty recovery
    Laser spine surgery recovery

What specific services are included in Surgery Aftercare?
  • All Services will be coordinated with a the Surgeon’s Plan of Care
  • Around the clock monitoring by Registered Nurse (R.N.)
  •  including Oxygen Saturation
  • Monitoring for potential post-operative complications such as bleeding and infection
  • Contact with Surgeon’s Office questions or concerns
  •  for wounds, drains, dressings, pain pumps, catheters
  • Assistance with medication administration
  • Proper post-operative hydration
  • Proper post-operative lung function exercises
  • Ambulation and range of motion exercises
  • Assistance with personal care such as feeding, hygiene and dressing
  •  for patient and family on prevention of infection, proper wound care and injury prevention amongst others
  •  and respite care with a holistic approach, caring for mind, body and spirit
  • All data is summarized in a professional nursing flowsheet and report which is provided to the Surgeon for continuity of care
My promise is to minimize your post-operative discomfort and provide individualized care.  Cost $ 20.00 per hour

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